Sprinkles Cake

Sprinkles Cake


Bean Counter Bakery

No other customizations will be accommodated.

Madagascar Vanilla or chocolate buttermilk cake filled and frosted with Madagascar vanilla buttercream. Decorated with a fun and colorful Sprinkles Mix.

Gluten-Free and Vegan cake is only available in chocolate, please select chocolate flavor before choosing Gluten-Free and Vegan under Type.

Small variations in decor may occur. Please choose your frosting color, inscription color and sprinkle color. No other customizations other than selections. 

12" cake, quarter sheet cake, half sheet cake, all sizes of gluten-free, vegan and gluten-free and vegan cakes are double-layered. No substitutions.

Sprinkles Mix contain dairy, wheat and soy.  For Gluten-Free and Vegan cakes, only Pastel Rainbow Confetti (not pictured) will be used.